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Roller Shades

Roller Shades are one of the best-selling and fully customizable models of window coverings. This contemporary model is available in a wide variety of fabrics, textures, and colors. Roller Shades offer multiple light filtering and black out options for different spaces and needs, as well as privacy and style.

• Fabrics, System and Assembly

We offer an assortment of fabrics for Roller Shades. Our models of light-filtering shades in different colors and textures allow diffused natural light to illuminate any space inside your property while offering privacy and embellishment.


Our black out models offer more protection against the sun for any space in your home or business. The black out Roller Shades will protect you against ultraviolet rays by minimizing light inputs using special fixtures like side channels that offer improved comfort and darkness when resting.


The roll-up screen option is available in different textures and colors ranging from 1% – 16% of opening factor and visibility. This provides the right amount of sun protection and vision to meet your needs. Our Roller Shades provide optimum light control in any space of your home or business.


In Casa Blinds Interior we offer a variety of options to manufacture your Rollers Shades, combining the most exquisite colors with other components used when designing your rollers. We offer the option of Cassette, Bottom Rails and controls to operate the rollers either manually, with a chain, or motorized.


• Motorization and automation

We offer the option to motorize and/or automate all Roller Shades models, this allows for a more appealing, modern and cordless environment. We offer a diverse selection of motors including our electric and rechargeable motors which are unlike any other on the market. This system provides comfort and safety for any infants or children in the house. You won’t have to struggle to open and close the rollers in hard to reach places or worry about hanging chains or tangled strings. Let our sophisticated roll-up motors do the work for you. The option to manage your Roller Shades from your mobile device is now available by incorporating our powerful and contemporary Smart Hub integration device. This small and powerful device not only allows you to control your Dual Shades, it also offers the option control your lights, TV, air conditioning and much more through the app.

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