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Cellular & Pleated Shades

This model of covering for windows and doors is known for its ability to increase the efficient use of energy for your home. The model is also known as the honey comb design and is offered in double or single cell designs. Cellular Shades are able to isolate and block heat during the summer making them ideal for south Florida living. This pleated model provides a smooth and elegant window treatment and is offered in a wide variety of colors to suit your aesthetic needs. The model is also available in materials that enhance the darkening of the room, and with coverings for increased privacy.

• Fabrics

Like other models, we have a large selection of light-filtering and black out fabrics for the cellular and pleated shades. There are several options for selecting the ideal material for every space and need for your home.

• System and Assembly

At Casa Blinds Interior we allow you to customize the manufacturing of your pleated and cellular shades; combining the best fabrics, colors and other components used when your pleated and cellular shades. This elegant model can be operated manually with a cordless system or can be operated on a classic string system.

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